"Radical Candor" by Kim Malone Scott is available!

Today I finally received my copy of "Radical Candor" by Kim Malone Scott. Kim's personal story started with working for typical repressive and humiliating boss, and so she decided to start own company with culture of mutual respect, where people could love their work and one another, regardless of positions.

So she tried to implement this idea, which resulted in unique experience. She also worked for Google and Apple, and analyzed their successful corporate culture.

How to cope with computers: my 22 rules

How often computers consume your priceless time? Here I'm sharing rules which made my hardware reliable and software blazing fast.

Why I became a freelancer

Some people think that it's too hard. Some that it's about instable income & risks. There're ways to do it successfully, of which I may write later. Right know I want to tell about why I became a freelancer and why it's important to me.


I should admit I have a specific character: initially I was apt to polishing personal skills than collective work. There always was a big wish to "start something with my friends", though looks like friends were tough to this (or maybe I was).

The purpose of this blog

This is blog by Alex Lokk.

I created it for keeping articles and notes on professional & other subjects. Everything that matters for me.

My main interest is improvement of human abilities. Including adoption of existing best practices and exploring new methods. Also I do freelance in software development, for fun & money. Also I believe that magicians do exist, and wish there will be more of them.

Here are some projects I participated in: