How to cope with computers: my 22 rules

How often computers consume your priceless time? Here I'm sharing rules which made my hardware reliable and software blazing fast.

Why I became a freelancer

Some people think that it's too hard. Some that it's about instable income & risks. There're ways to do it successfully, of which I may write later. Right know I want to tell about why I became a freelancer and why it's important to me.


I should admit I have a specific character: initially I was apt to polishing personal skills than collective work. There always was a big wish to "start something with my friends", though looks like friends were tough to this (or maybe I was).

The purpose of this blog

This is blog by Alex Lokk.

I created it for keeping articles and notes on professional & other subjects. Everything that matters for me.

My main interest is improvement of human abilities. Including adoption of existing best practices and exploring new methods. Also I do freelance in software development, for fun & money. Also I believe that magicians do exist, and wish there will be more of them.

Here are some projects I participated in: